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Art is not only a talent or a skill either. It’s therapy. The mere movement of the body on the rhythm of music, playing instruments, or vocalizing the sonorous harmony or when hands create spectacular arts and painting  or the ultimate art of fitness and yoga , the exotic art of mimicry and talking dolls , or finesse of acting , drama and theatre.  Each of these forms of fine arts are therapeutic to the artists and audience .

KALPEET ACADEMY wishes to promote the applaudable artists and their beautiful arts.  We provide you India’s best and ultimate Fine arts platform to explore , promote and teach your art form .We look forward to our students and trainees learning from the best teachers as well as having variety . And that’s why we welcome you at our large platform.


Dance - Kalapeet academy is the largest online platform for teaching and learning various dance forms. Our range of rhythm art includes:

Kuchipudi - Bharatanatyam - Kathak - Perini - Folk - Kolatam - Western - etc

SINGING- Singing is one of those rare talents that can create real magic. The harmony, taal, rhythm, vocals everything about singing is an art itself. 

Carnatic Vocal - Hindustani Vocal - Light Music Also includes Bhajans, Folk Songs, etc

INSTRUMENT PLAYING - India has been creating magic through her music since ages. And the credit to create such a masterpiece that can do impossible and unbelievable things goes to the instrumental players!  

Tabla - Mrudangam - Keyboard - Flute - Guitar - Sitar - Veena - Violin - Saxophone - Drums etc


Our global reach

Kalapeet Academy is the leading global marketplace for Arts teaching and learning, connecting millions of students to get trained in there interest of Art.

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